• At the foot of Mt. Fuji, the Kimono experience is a symbolic part of Japan. Wearing kimonos are not only suitable for Kyoto, but also with Mt. Fuji is a wonderful complement. Whether it's the romantic cherry blossoms of spring, the lavender of summer, the red leaves of autumn, or the Camellia in winter, the various seasons will bring you a different experience of Mt. Fuji.
  • While experiencing kimonos, the tea ceremony experience is also an important way to reach out to the Japanese culture. For the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the tea ceremony does not only consist of making tea, but the host and guests also have mutual respect and heart to heart communication. The tea ceremony experience has also been selected by the United States Time magazine as one of the seven things that must be done in Japan.
  • ■■ Price one person ■■

       ¥11,000 JPY/1 person

          Kimono Experience + Tea Ceremony Experience + 45-minutes                 walk at the Kitaguchi honngu  Fuji Sengen Shrine

          ■■ Start time ■■



   Reservation deadline: Until 18:00 3 days before