Overlooking Mt. Fuji, come and spend a relaxing moment with us on Lake Kawaguchiko!

■■ Course ■■

①7:00~8:30 Morning canoeing 90 minutes

②10:00~12:00 120 minutes

③13:00~15:00 120 minutes

④16:30~18:00 Sunset Canoeing               90 minutes    (summer season)

 15:30~17:00 Sunset Canoeing                90 minutes   ( winter season)

■■ Price one person ■■ 

①and④ (tax included)

 3 years or older ¥5,500 JPY

②and③ (tax included )

 13 years or older ¥6,600 JPY 

 3 years or older¥5,500 JPY   

Fees include: Event participation fee,professional coach, equipment rental (kayak, paddle, life jacket), free photo.

Reservation method:

If you need to make a reservation, please indicate the name of the person making the reservation, the number of participants, event date, event time, contact information and contact us.

Email address:

Deadline for event registration: 18:00 the day before the event

Requirements for participating in the activity: 3 years old and above

Kawaguchiko Station & Neighborhood Hotel (free transfer, please make a reservation in advance.)