2019.10.13  Everyone, was the typhoon yesterday okay?
Lake Kawaguchi was also a terrible rain and wind, but fortunately everyone was well prepared in the precedent of No. 15, so there was no major damage. It is very nice weather today. The wind was a little strong in the morning, but it gradually weakened from noon, and it seems to be a nice day to go out.

2019.11.11   Due to the impact of typhoon No. 19, Lake Kawaguchi will be forecasted for heavy rain and strong wind tomorrow. Everyone, please be careful when you go out. 
In addition, it is forecast that the typhoon will be removed from the afternoon of 13th and the weather will recover. The second half of the three-day holiday seems to be a nice day to go out. Kawaguchiko Canoe Experience and Aokigahara Jukai Cave Expedition are scheduled to be conducted. Please drop in when you are in the Mt. Fuji area! I'm waiting ~