2023.4.1   April is the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan.

Congratulations to all new students and new employees on the start of the new year!

The impact of the corona virus has calmed down further, and we will continue to do our best to operate as usual!

We are looking forward to your reservation!

2020.6.15 Notice of business resumption With the cancellation of the national emergency declaration, our business will resume from today. As a measure against corona: Thoroughly disinfect our office and company vehicles, tools The staff wears a mask and conducts temperature measurement. Minimize contact between staff and customers and customers Creating an environment that avoids three tightness (closed, dense, close) I will work on. 

2020.5.12  The temporary closure period will be extended until May 31st.

2020.4.28 Good morning.

Due to the effects of corona, we will be temporarily closed from April 28 to May 10, 2020.

We pray for your health.

Please come again when the corona is over!

2020.01.01 Happy new year!
Entered 2020! Last year I was taken care of by many people! Please watch over this year! Thank you!