2019.11.9 Good morning! 
Kawaguchiko's autumn leaves festival entered the second week. Coloring is progressing smoothly. There are some places that are in full bloom. It is a sunny forecast from this afternoon to tomorrow. Kawaguchiko autumn foliage hunting canoeing experience is being held! Reservations can be made by phone, email, or Facebook (Fujimanyusha).

2019.11.2 Good morning!
Finally the last triple break this year! Blessed with good weather, it seems that it will be a nice day to go out after the autumnal season. Take a canoe and enjoy a walk on the lake while enjoying the autumn leaves at Lake Kawaguchi.
Reservations can be made via email, phone or Facebook.

2019.10.28 Autumn leaves season has arrived! How are you going to go out?
Rainy season like in October finally late. The weather is stable. The temperature difference between morning and evening is intense. Will celebrate the autumn colors from now on Lake Kawaguchi it is. November first of a three-day weekend is the weather looks good. Fall of appetite, fall of sports. Family, let's go out to everyone together invite friends!